In the collection practice an attorney-at-law has the widest variety of tools to secure collection. Only an attorney-at-law is authorised to conduct legal proceedings, to take prejudgement attachment measures and to apply for the bankruptcy of a debtor. These actions offer the best chance of success.


The competitive rates offered by VDB Advocaten Notarissen for the collection of a claim against Dutch debtors are presented in a simple flowchart. The operating principle is that VDB Advocaten Notarissen sends a demand letter and makes a follow-up call to the debtor, for a fee of € 75 excluding VAT, whether the debtor pays or not. Any extrajudicial costs and interest paid by the debtor will be paid out to the client. Depending on the reaction from the debtor, the claim will be identified as a contested or an uncontested claim. Any subsequent steps will be discussed with the client.


VDB Advocaten Notarissen will pass on any claims against debtors outside the Netherlands to an attorney-at-law who is a member of the Warwick Legal Network. In this process, VDB Advocaten Notarissen acts on behalf of the client, and is responsible for coordination. VDB Advocaten Notarissen applies a 5% charge on the collected amount, with a minimum of € 175 excluding VAT. For uncontested claims, VDB Advocaten Notarissen itself is able to issue a European Payment Order, or conduct proceedings on the basis of the Small Claims Procedure (for claims up to a maximum of € 10,000).

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