Financing, Securities And Insolvency

Successful business practice sometimes passes through the deepest of lows. It is essential to anticipate these developments in time. You will then beperfectly protected, even in tough times. Still efficacy and creativity will be required in order to protect your company and to maintain your success.


The insolvency law attorneys within the Financing, Securities and Insolvency section understand your concerns. Part of the knowledge and experience available within this section is based on the work of these attorneys as receivers in bankruptcy. As a result, we know both sides of the spectrum and are able to offer you the most suitable advice.


Our area of expertise includes:

  • advising on methods for financing your company and the level of security provided or demanded by the bank. This includes joint financing accounts and suretyships;
  • establishing, assessing and exercising of securities, including pledge rights and mortgage rights;
  • assessing and designing of (internal) financing agreements;
  • supervising businesses in difficulty/ reorganisations;
  • supervising business relaunches. How do you as an entrepreneur buy your own or someone else’s company out of a bankruptcy;
  • litigating on, preventing and advising on directors’ and officers’ liability and fraudulent behaviour issues;
  • advising on the way in which goods can be made available or transferred to third parties including hire (purchase), (financial) lease, (extended) reservation of ownership, etc.

We are in a position to inform you on financial risks, and assist you in reducing those risks as muchas possible. We also advise on (internal or banking) financing issues. We will be happy to assist you if you find yourself facing business difficulties or if you face the threat of bankruptcy in your own business, or (for example) the bankruptcy of a supplier.

Our advisors