Construction and property law

In a real estate project, each phase has its own problems. From the beginning - the development phase - to the end - the construction and sales or rental phase - you can contact VDB Advocaten Notarissen. And also after completion of the project we will continue to assist you.

Our specialists in the area of spatial planning, project development, purchase and rental have all the expertise to successfully complete your project and advise you if problems arise afterwards. Because of the interaction between our various practices of construction and property law, corporate law, labor law, litigations, family law and ICT & privacy, we can assist our clients in negotiations and, if necessary, also in court.

Our lawyers have experience in disputes regarding defects (both in the area of tenancy law and construction law), termination of lease, rent price procedures, but also in the area of contracting disputes, delivery disputes (in both tenancy law and construction law), exceeding construction time, additional and less work and construction guarantees.

Multidisciplinary approach with a fixed point of contact

VDB Advocaten Notarissen always takes a multidisciplinary approach to legal aspects. That is in our DNA. If necessary, we consult with tax advisers and/or accountants in order to provide you with adequate advice. Since we have these specialists in-house (WVDB Adviseurs Accountants), we can work adequately and efficiently. You always have a fixed point of contact!

Cooperation of civil-law notaries and lawyers

Our civil-law notaries and lawyers work closely together. As a result, we are able to look after all your real estate (legal) interests and provide you with adequate advice.

Full spectrum of construction and property law

Our practice covers the entire spectrum of construction and property law, including:

  • purchase agreements, rental agreements, building contracts and turnkey contracts
  • purchase and transfer of real estate
  • (mortgage) financing of new construction projects, offices, shops and homes
  • real estate development
  • division into apartment rights
  • auctions
  • establishment of rights of leasehold and building rights
  • establishment of security interests
  • litigation
  • due diligence



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