Estate planning

Estate planning means the legal and fiscal assistance to transfer the ownership of (family) property, often from parent to children and grandchildren. Proper estate planning for entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals and their family members requires legal advice on (amongst others) implementing prenuptial agreements, last wills and donations. We have a great deal of experience in advising clients where there is an extensive estate, a business, a blended family situation or where complex issues are involved. During our legal assistance we continually focus on your financial and personal interests.

One multidisciplinary approach

Family law is where right and emotions meet. Relationships between family members are at stake. VDB Advocaten Notarissen always takes a multidisciplinary, careful approach to legal aspects. This is in our DNA. If necessary, we consult with tax advisers and/or accountants in order to provide you with adequate advice. Since we have these specialists in-house (WVDB Adviseurs Accountants), we can work adequately and efficiently.

Full spectrum of estate planning:

Our civil-law notaries and lawyers work closely together. As a result, we are able to look after all your (legal) interests and provide you with adequate advice on:


·        Business succession facilities;

·        Last will;

·        Family charter;

·        Prenuptial/ postnuptial agreement;

·        Issue of depositary receipts for shares;

·        Donation (of shares or depositary receipts);

·        Business lasting power of attorney;


·        Divorce Estate Planning;

·        Settlement agreement;

·        Deed of division (after divorce or decease);

·        Settlement of a (complex) estate;

·        Living will;

·        Cohabitation agreement;

·        Second opinion.





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