Labour law

The more motivated your employees are, the better the results for your company. A good personnel policy can provide the necessary space for employees to develop, and ultimately forms the basis on which a company performs. Our team are experts in all areas of labour law, including but not limited to:

  • Terms of employment;
  • Counseling of sick employees;
  • Negotiations with the works council;
  • Operating with a temporary workforce;
  • Both smaller and larger company restructurings and reorganizations.

We provide legal counseling for both employers and employees, which means we will be able to analyze a labour law-related case from multiple points of view.

Preventing problems

Prevention is better than cure. By being prepared and having a good company structure in relation to labour law-related cases, many problems can be solved before they arise. It is advisable to seek out our legal aid in labour law-related matters at the earliest possible moment. With our help, you will be able to solve any issues before they turn into bigger problems. We are also flexible in these matters, and will only provide the aid and advice you deem necessary, so as for you to remain in full control of the matters at hand.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our approach is inherently multidisciplinary. If necessary, we will consult with the auditors, tax advisors or salary specialists of WVDB, with whom we have a strategic alliance. By having these specialties ‘de facto’-in-house, we can work highly efficiently across multiple fields of expertise, without sacrificing a fixed point of contact for the client.


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